Where do the funds go?
1) Funds will helop make these events as accessible as possible, by making them free to the general public. 

Because we are committed to building coalitions across and between multiple sectors of Canadian society, we aim to encourage as much participation in the dialogues created in these events. This requires that all events be open to the general public, regardless of participants' abilities to pay. Expenses include the cost of staffing the multiple venues (OCAD University, Open Gallery, and the 519 Community Centre), the cost for providing refreshments, and the cost of providing materials to conference attendees.

2) Funds will support the first Queer Filipino/a Community Service Award.

You donation will also go towards funding the first LGBTQ and Filipino/a specific award in Canada. This award aims to combat the systemic de-skilling of Filipino/a youth and new migrants, particularly those who are LGBTQ identified. This award celebrates the hard work of a specific member of the LGBTQ Filipino/a community, particularly since such types of labor are often rarely acknowledged. 

What do I get for donating?

As an incentive, donors who donate  $10.00  or more will receive a collectible souvenir as a token of our appreciation. Select supporters who donate $125.00 of more will receive UNIQUE and COLLECTIBLE art pieces from Marissa Largo and Julius Manapul, two of the professional artists featured in our art exhibit. Both Largo and Manapul have sold similar pieces in various galleries across the Toronto area, and have often commanded a higher prices for them. Thus, aside from giving to a good cause, you are also receivig heavily disocunted prices to limited edition art.
Donation Tiers:
  • Everyone who donates $10.00 and above will receive a limited edition, high quality, refrigerator magnate via mail. Those attending any of the events may also pick these magnets up at any of the venues. Please inform us in advance if you are picking your magnet from the registration desk. 


  • The first 11 donations of $125.00 to $174.00 will be able choose between Marissa Largo's  "Maganda Propaganda" or "All American Girl", which are screen prints on rag paper.  Those residing in Canada will also be provided with an appropriate frame for this art piece. There are eight pieces of "Maganda Propaganda" and three pieces of "All American Girl" and so the choice between the two are on a first come first served basis.

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  • The first three donations of $175.00 and above will be able to choose between two pieces from Julius Manapul's exhibit recently complete exhibit, Cabinet of Curiosities, or one piece from his exhibit Through The Looking Glass. Each of these pieces list for $500.00, but Manapul has kindly donated them to the organizers to raise money for Diasporic Intimacies. For those residing in Toronto, these pieces will come pre-framed, and can be picked up at any of the venues for Diasporic Intimacies. For those residing outside of Toronto, these will be shipped through specialized packaging to ensure their preservation.  Selection of particular pieces is on a first come first served basis. 

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