Highlights from the Conference

In her moving presentation, Casey Mecija reflects upon what it means to be a queer artist, and how multiculturalism has marked and disciplined her body as a performer as the lead singer for Ohbijou. By the end of her presentation, Mecija performs her original song "Balikbayan", which manages to turn the OCAD University Auditorium into an intimate space riven with vulnerability, presence, and affinity. Mecija's presentation is part of Panel 1 on "Performing Sexuality, Collectivity, and Indigeneity". More videos from the conference to come.

Highlights From the Opening Reception of Diasporic Intimacies 

Please visit the exhibit which is running at the Open Gallery, 49 McCaul to support the artists featured in the exhibit. Let's make our presence count.

Videos and Editing by Bryan Taguba